Cabronita P-bass

Pickup to fit Cabronita P-bass®. 
Similar tone to a standard P-bass pickup inside a filtertron cover. 

It will fit a cabronita bass without any routing or mod.

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There isn't a lot of options when you are looking for a Cabronita P-bass® and players usually are 
not happy with the resulting sound of the stock pickup. This is why I decide to bring to the market 
this design. The goal was to obtain a classic P-bass® sound in a filtertron size and I totally 
nailed it. I do use same alnico 5 magnets that I use for my standard P-bass pickup, same copper 
wire and same output. The sound is very close to a vintage P-bass®, great punch and dynamics.
Hand Wound by Jess Loureiro

Output: 10.7 Kohm

Wire: 42 awg plain enamel

Magnets: "calibrated" alnico 5

Waxpotted in beeswax/paraffin

Screws and springs included
Electronics suggestions: the best is to keep with the standard 250 Kohm pots value and 0,047 capacitor.