Wide-Range neck pickup for Jazzmaster relic

"Wide-Range" pickup for Jazzmaster neck position

8,76 Khom

Alnico 4 and 5 magnets

Relic look

More details

"Wide-Range" pickup for Jazzmaster neck position. 

This will make a great match with the humbucker "Grunge" pickup for Jazzmaster that is also for sale.
True wide range pickup with true alnico poles. The 6 exposed are custom cut alnico 4 magnets, that looks like screws, and the other 6 are made of alnico 5. The different alnico grades used gives an enhanced range of frequencies and a very balance sound for the neck position, warm but with a great bottom end. The pickup sounds great in clean settings and won't go muddy when used with distortion. This is a great choice if you play indie, shoegaze, post-punk...

Specs are:

- Hand Wound By Jess Loureiro.
- 42 awg enamel wire.
- 8,76 Kohm.
- Alnico 4 and alnico 5 magnets.
- 4 wire (+bare) wires.
- Aged white cover.
- Heavy relic look.
Includes relic mounting screws and foam.
I have for sale some Jazzmaster bridge pickups that can match this one (the humbucker "grunge" pickup is perfect), just take a look.

If you need any info just email me.