Jazzmaster Humbucker bridge "Grunge"

Humbucker pickup for Jazzmaster.

Modern sound-high gain.

10,07 Kohm

Ceramic magnet

More details

"Grunge" humbucker pickup for Jazzmaster bridge position. 

This is made for the players that want a more modern sound, to play indie, post-punk, shoegaze, grunge or even hard-rock. Also, it sounds great in clean amp settings, specially if you use a chorus or some digital delay, to get that 80-90s sound. Of course it handles very great distortion settings. I have installed one of this in my personal Jazzmaster, with a maple fretboard, and it sounds killer.

Specs are:

- Hand Wound By Jess Loureiro.
- 42 awg enamel wire.
- 10,07 Kohm.
- Ceramic C5 magnet.
- 4 wire (+bare) wires.
- Aged white cover.
- Heavy relic look.

Includes relic mounting screws and foam.

I have for sale some Jazzmaster neck pickups that can match this one (the wide-range pickup is perfect), just take a look.

If you need any info just email me.