T-90 coil-tap


“T-90 coil-tap” pickup for Tele® and Esquire® bridge position, hand wound by Jess Loureiro.

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“T-90 coil-tap” pickup for Tele® and Esquire® bridge position, hand wound by Jess Loureiro.
This pickup will give you a more midrange sound than a stantard tele® bridge pickup due to its 
magnet field. 
By 3d printing I have been able to design a Tele® bridge pickup with a P-90 structure (screw 
polepieces and 2 alnico bars magnets at the bottom). While other makers use always small ceramic
magnets with this kind of pickups, that give a "harsh" tone, I spent a lot of time designing and
testing the parts to fit two alnico bars at the bottom. As on my P-90 dog ear “Jr” model, I chose
alnico 2 and alnico 5 bars, resulting in a sound with enough punch but still warm and rich in 
harmonics. Then this pickup will allow you to obtain excellent clean and dirty tones, making it 
a perfect choice for Esquire® (one pickup guitars). Also, this pickup have three different outputs
(coil-tap), designed in order to be installed using a 3 way selector switch. In this way, you won’t
need to install different capacitor values to have different tones in your guitar.
Likewise, the coils are sized to support copper wire 42 AWG plain enamel (PAFs replicas), 
giving that defined sound and rich in medium frequencies.
- Hand Wound by Jess Loureiro.
- Alnico 2 and 5.
- Plain enamel 42 awg copper wire.
- 6.5, 7.5 and 8.8 Kohm outputs (coil-tap).
If you want another outputs, just ask before buy.
You can also choose the color of the pickup, that is made
with ABS plastic and is 3d printed, and polished: Black, 
white, grey, blue and red (fill the text box with the color
that you want).
Pickup include instructions to wire, screws ans spring tubing to mount.

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