Jazzmaster® "Surf" neck


Early CBS specs, more definition and rich in the midrange. Plain enamel 42 AWG wire and alnico 5 magnets.


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Neck pickup of the" Jazzmaster® Surf" model, hand wound by Jess Loureiro.

The pickup have single coil format and is made with the same materials and characteristics as those mounted on the early CBS era Jazzmasters®. The pickup is potted in the right mix of beeswax-paraffin, which prevents the microphonic problems without reducing richness of sound. The coils are made from grey "forbon" and they have vintage cloth-wire like the originals. They are wound by hand with 42 AWG Plain Enamel wire, that gives more definition of the notes and a mid-focused sound. The Alnico 5 magnets have been "calibrated" and charged one by one by hand, as they did in the 50´s. The neck pickup is RW/RP to get the "hum-cancelling" in the middle position.

Potted in beeswax-paraffin mix

Neck pickup RW/RP (hum-cancelling in the middle position)

Output: 7.9 k (neck) 

Wire: 42 AWG Plain enamel

Magnets: "calibrated" Alnico 5

USA pole spacing


If you need more information, send and email to jl@jlguitars.com


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