Tele-master relic

Tele-master pickup for Jazzmaster bridge position

Jazzmaster DNA with a Telecaster touch

More details

Tele-master pickup for Jazzmaster bridge position. 
Well, you probably are looking for a bridge pickup for Jazzmaster, so if you want something different this is where your search ends. This pickups have the jazzmaster DNA, the warm tone but it adds a little of the telecaster bridge character due to the steel-plate and bobbin dimensions, that gives a enhanced signal with a tight bass response. This is a very versatile pickup and can be your cup of tea in any ocasion. 

Specs are:

- Hand Wound By Jess Loureiro.
- 42 awg enamel wire.
- 9,54 Kohm.
- Alnico 5 magnets.
- Steel-plate.
- Relic look.


If you need any info just email me.