Wide Range 72 Replica bridge

Wide Range pickup for bridge position. Screw-shaped alnico magnets, having the original magnetic configuration. The best materials, including the original dimensions coils and magnetizable steel plate.

More details

Finally, after extensive testing, I present for sale a replica of the Wide Range pickup with the 72 original specifications. The characteristic sound of these pickups is obtained thanks to the screw-shaped magnet and small magnetizable metal plate that is installed between the base plate and the bobbins. The design resembles two small tele® bridge pickups wired in series, as if it were a humbucker, but achieving a fat sound with a wide frequency spectrum.


The technical specs are:


Wax-potted in a beeswax / paraffin mix


Output: 10.7 Kohm


Copper wire: 42 AWG Plain Enamel


Srew-shaped alnico magnets


Bobbins with the original measures


"Intermediate" magnetizable iron plate


Base-plate and cover made of  "Nickel silver"


To use with 500 Kohm potentiometer or even 1 megohm if you want the true 70s Tele Custom sound



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This is a true alnico wide range pickup



Check the las picture (from left to right: CuNiFe, AlNiCo, FeCrCo 2, FeCrCo 5)

AlNiCo can't be treaded that's why Fender uses CuNiFe, not due to sound properties, just because is the one that can be threaded.Nowdays a lot of makers do the pickups with threaded magnets and market his wide range as alnicos but it can't be done. They use FeCrCo, one of the two types that you can see at the right in the picture. I have develop a method to make alnicos to look like screws (without the thread) and now I'm using several alnico grades to make Wide ranges pickups.