Wide Range 72 Replica bridge

Replica Wide Range pickup for bridge position. Screw-shaped magnets, having the original magnetic configuration. The best materials, including the original dimensions coils and magnetizable steel plate.

More details

Finally, after extensive testing, I present for sale a replica of the Wide Range pickup with the 72 original specifications. The characteristic sound of these pickups is obtained thanks to the screw-shaped magnet and small magnetizable metal plate that is installed between the base plate and the bobbins. The design resembles two small tele® bridge pickups wired in series, as if it were a humbucker, but achieving a fat sound with a wide frequency spectrum.

The technical specs are:

Wax-potted in a beeswax / paraffin mix

Output: 10.7 Kohm

Copper wire: 42 AWG Plain Enamel

Srew-shaped magnets

Bobbins with the original measures

"Intermediate" magnetizable iron plate

Base-plate and cover made of  "Nickel silver"

You can use these pickups with the original 72 circuit (1 Megohm potentiometer).

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