Tele® Esquire® "coil tap"


Tele® pickup for Esquire®, with 3 different outputs (coil tap). Different tones for your guitar without the need of different capacitors. Classic and hoter Tele®  tones. Alnico 5 magnets.


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I developed this pickup with an Esquire® guitar in mind. Thinking in a one guitar pickup with a 3-way switch selector, it comes to my mind a 3 output coil tap pickup. I chose for this alnico 5 magnets, to have that 60´s classic sound, and 43 AWG heavy formvar wire, that allows to have a higher output but without loosing the dynamics and wide spectrum of frequencies. 

The three outputs of the pickup will give you different and useful tones, just to make your esquire a very versatile axe.


Specs are:


Hand-Wound with 43 awg Heavy formvar wire.

Potted in beeswax-paraffin mix

Outputs: 6,92 Kohm ; 8,66 Kohm ; 9,71 KohmSteel-copper baseplate

Magnets: "calibrated" (not full charge) alnico 5 rods; modern staggered.


I will include the screws and tubing for mount and also the color coding.

If you need more information, send and email to

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