Firebird® bridge

Firebird® pickup for the bridge position. The sound is in between a Tele® bridge pickup and a minihumbucker. Build with the original specs.

More details

Firebird® pickup for the bridge position. The Firebird® pickups have been designed to have a similar sound to a single coil. The magnets are inside the bobbins and not below like in a humbucker pickup. The sound is thicker than in a single coil but not as much as a humbucker. In some settings the sound can be confused with a Tele® bridge pickup. This pickup is build with the original specs:

- Nickel silver metal parts.

- Alnico 5 magnets.

- Braided shield lead wire.

- Plain enamel 42 awg copper wire.

- 7,4 Kohm output.

Mounting screws and springs are included.

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