Strat® 69 replica set (neck + middle+ bridge) custom

Strat® set with 1959 specs (1965-1972). Punch with the characteristic piano-like tone. Suggested for blues or rock (Hendrix, Frusciante). 5-10 days manufacture time.

More details

Strat® pickup set with 69 specs (1965-1972). Vintage punch with "piano-like" tones (Hendrix, Frusciante). Great definition of the notes and very rich in mid frequencies. 

Specs are:

- Wax-potted in paraffin/beeswax mix.

- Vintage cloth lead wires.

- Grey bottom and black upper vulcanized fiber (bobbins).

- "Calibrated" alnico 5 magnets.

- "Plain enamel" copper wire.

The woods that match better with this set is swamp ash or alder for the body and maple/rosewood for the neck. Tweed and blackface style amps, with alnico or ceramic speakers will work great with this set.

All the Strat® replica sets have several options:

- Magnets  (impotant for the string volume compensation): vintage (same height D and G magnets), modern (G magnet lower than D), flat (all magnets same height), reverse vintage (lefty vintage), modern vintage (lefty modern).

- Output: I suggest 6.2 k (neck)/ 6.6 k (middle) / 8.4 k (bridge), if you want another just fill the "product customization" box. 

- Baseplate: Add a metal baseplate to the bridge pickup to get boost the signal and obtain that telecaster® bridge sound. Yes or No.

If you have any doubts just email me
Including screws and tubing to mount.   

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